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e - Commerce

Apart from the open source portals for CMS, E-Commerce websites use a set of comprehensive tools which allows it to operate on a crowning level. The facility includes implementation of a highly secured payment channel followed by promoting ease in product management. E-Commerce open source includes some of the best open sourced portals in the market including OpenCart, Magento, PrestaShop, VirtueMart, Ubercart, Zeuscart, Afcommerce, etc. The most popular among the set is Magento which is power house of various functions and acts as a helping hand for owners as well as testers. Magento is a comprehensive platform which allows esteemed facilities such product management, shopping filter, multi-site functionality, product display options and many more. The Model-view controller (MCV) serves as a boon whereby Lozingle is able to deliver quality CMS sites. On the other hand, OpenCart is an exceptional integrated payment system which allows users to make a choice from 8 shipping methods and 20 payment systems. It is among one of the most popular payment portal which facilitates a majority of E-Commerce sites from all across the globe. The diverse operations and flexibilities takes into account the various requirements which a website may require at the time of development. The approach is aimed at serving as a complete payment solution that can take into account almost any recognized form of payment and under any permitted rule. Additionally, assistance from Spree Commerce, PrestaShop and VirtueMart serve as a helping hand wherever necessary.

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