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Website Development

 custom PHP Development companyStatic Website : Static websites are modern day concrete information systems which provide the users with information. These websites are based on complex structures of PHP development and allows an owner to maintain websites on the basic level. This type of website is ideal for making permanent publications for a long period of time. However, changes can be made within the website through the contributions of a developer. Lozingle provides you with a 5 page website which includes a dedicated contact section with Email and phone support. CMS Website : Content Management System (CMS) website is on a roll these days as every web owner wants to ensure that they are regularly making some positive changes in their website. The elegance of a CMS website is represented with a user friendly back end system which allows a person to make necessary changes within a website. Lozingle makes use of Drupal to provide the clients with a very easy to use back-end system whereby necessary changes can be made by any authorized person with the help of few clicks. Additionally, Lozingle also provides you with a three month free maintenance program. E-Commerce Website : E-Commerce website is a platform that allows people to sell their products over the internet. The website is based on a sophisticated PHP platform to ensure that a person is able to highlight his products along with publishing content in relation to the product. A highly secured and integrated payment portal allows the visitors to make purchases through the shopping cart feature and keep business affairs simple. Lozingle takes great interest in E-Commerce website development as it provides the client with an opportunity to operate on an advanced level through admin panel that carries out the master operations in the website. Community website : Apart from business affairs, some people also focus upon social needs. Discussions interactions and debates establish a sound mode of communication that allows people to arrive at logical conclusions. Lozingle gives you the liberty to create a similar platform through community websites where you can allow users to register, share pictures, post videos, update their status and much more!

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