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Open source developments are one of the most important frameworks in a website. It allows a website to encompass various internal as well as external variances. Lozingle aims at providing a complete set of open source solution to CMS websites through implementation of various essential open sourced portals such as Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Tango, Mambo, Pimcore, etc. Use of these open sourced portals allows a website to enjoy various flexibilities that otherwise would have been very difficult to implement. For an instance, using Wordpress developments enables us to integrate a personal blog for a website whereby the owners can establish a regular channel of communication with their related audience. The blog customization service is conducted through using MySQL and PHP platform that makes it easier for the developers to execute this operation. Apart from enhancing the image of a website, blogs also serve as a vital tool for search engine optimization. Another exclusive example of an open sourced portal is Joomla which is a sophisticated content publishing mechanism. Joomla plays a vital role in content publication as it crafted with intent to produce simplicity in web development. Apart from publishing content on a website, Joomla website designs are also equipped with facilitating RSS feeds, conducting polls, caching and similar other utility functions. Lozingle works very hard to implement some the best open sourced portals in websites for boosting website performance and providing ease of operations to its clients. Irrespective of hardships that we face, we ensure that we offer a complete solution to clients such that they get additional value from our services.

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