10k Views Essential to Monetize Content in You Tube

10k Views Essential to Monetize Content in YouTube

It is a laborious task to hunt down an individual in India, who is unaware of You Tube. Originating as video hosting platform, it has now emerged as a household name for people to connect, discover, share, learn, and promote one’s content and the most essential component i.e. to earn. Gone are the days when gaming sessions would mean useless, time consuming, and wastage of energy and money. Today, You Tubing is the most ‘trending’ profession. All it takes is a mind-blowing content and a high speed internet connection. Get your content uploaded and see yourself making money and becoming famous in a short while. The latest example is of the famous You Tuber PewDiePie, whose gross annual income has reached up to $15million. The entire story seemed to be good enough till now. But, You Tube has come up with its latest policy under the You Tube Partner Program (YPP), placing an obstacle in the earning thorough its platform as it will now place ads on content that has a total of 10k views, only after careful scrutiny.




What’s the plan?  
According to reports, Video Honcho You Tube is taking initiatives to certify that the user – generated content doesn’t end up placing big brands next to objectionable content. Leaving its viewers in dismay, You Tube announced a major change to its partner program that now requires its creators to reach 10k lifetime views before it can run on channels.


The YPP, which was initiated in 2007, provided opportunities for producers, making very popular contents to monetize their videos. This was found economically beneficial for any You Tube account which started getting paid through the ads placed on their videos. With the implication of the new rule, it would not be easy for any creator to join the YPP. However, You Tube has justified their action by stating that this measure has been taken “seeing cases of abuse where great, original content is re-uploaded by others who try to earn revenue from it”.


Why the plan?  This revolutionary step has been in the developmental stage since November and is initiated due to the following reasons:


  • The company came up with this decision after revelations that advertisements owned by several huge brands were appearing next to offensive YouTube videos and other objectionable content.
  • This, however, caused more than 250 brands to reportedly freeze their campaigns with Google.
  • The company announced last month a handful of changes to its advertising systems, designed to give brands more control over where their ads appear.
  • The video giant announced a big change to its partner program on Thursday that now requires creators to reach 10,000-lifetime views before it could run ads on channels.
  • The change is a response to repeated user complaints about unlicensed re-uploads of popular videos aka “freebooting.” Facebook also often faces this issue with its videos.


The concluding words  are from Mr. Ariel Bardin, the Vice – President of Product Management, You Tube. According to the Wall Street Journal, he posted that this new system was shaping up to be enough informative to depict the validity of a channel. Further he added,”It also allows us to confirm if a channel is following our community guidelines and advertiser policies. By keeping the threshold to 10k views, we also ensure that there will be minimal impact on our aspiring creators”. Also, You Tube is planning to set up a review process for new content creators, applying for the YPP. Quite a bold step in the world of technology.





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