Google Has Changed Its Local Business Schema

Google Has Changed Its Local Business Schema

Reportedly, Google has rolled in another update that affects the structured data schema mark-up for Google Local Business.


This new update outlines that Google LocalBusiness now will need image and price range data fields to be included in the schema markup. For those Google LocalBusiness schema that do not have a valid image or price range data will show up with an error.


However, this new big change in Google’s LocalBusienss Schema was not officially announced. However, those in the business did take a note of that.


The first report was done by an SEO Analyst Elzer Ramos, who first published a screenshot of an error message that he received on his Twitter.


Google Has Changed Its Local Business Schema
Here is a screen shot of it from @elzramos:

Later on Google+, Lenny Pham posted an update asking about why he was seeing that error message in his local business schema.


However, without a proper official confirmation from Google, there is no way of knowing whether this update or change to Google Local Business Schema is intentional as an update, a bug or something completely different on its own to the structured data mark-up.


 However, know that this is not the only update, which Google has made to its structured data markup recently. It has been altering the ways in which the structured data works for Rich Cards, AMPs and much more.





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