The Knowledge Panel for Google Adds New Like and Dislike Buttons

The Knowledge Panel for Google Adds New Like and Dislike Buttons

The latest development with Google is an amusing one. These days if you search for movies or TV shows on Google, then you will find a knowledge panel which will have what may seem like a ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ button, with a typical thumbs up and thumbs down symbol. This will allow users to like or dislike a certain movie or a television show.


It is therefore evident, that Google has added this new feature to further personalize the experience of Google users, and get more information about them. Here is an example of a TV show search on Google for the popular new show Westworld from HBO.




As can be seen the ‘like’ and ‘dislike’ button has taken up prominent space at the top of Google Knowledge Graph results.


Note, that this feature has been said to be not showing for many users. Here’s what happened when we searched for the same:




So, there are speculations around the netzens about this feature still being in its testing phase, and hence has not been launched fully.


But the utility and effect of this feature on the quality of film and TV entertainment may get a kick with provisions of mass response data being generated with ease.





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