If present day Ravana was a Social Media Manager

If we really think about it, then it may seem that Ravana A.K.A Ravan would have been a great SMM (Social Media Manager)! Imaging an incredibly smart man with 10 heads would be the best to keep tabs on the latest social media trends and would be able to maintain fresh, unique and engaging updates at each of the social media channels.


The key qualities that an ideal social media manager must possess would have been a fairly short list even if someone had asked this question as much as 10 years ago. As new technologies evolved with a wider audience, the realm of digital marketing along with increased emphasis on social media marketing has gained a momentum like never before.


Each social media manager must possess the following qualities to be optimally efficient in their job role. These qualities though not exceptionally supernatural, but do contain an air of something subtly je ne sais quoi about it.


Each and every social media has one common factor with it, and that is a sense of community. There is no doubt about the fact that Ravana was a great king, hence, maintained a harmonious sense of community among his subjects. In fact as history has it, Ravana was the only king who built a temple for his disciples or his subjects rather than God. This is a quality an ideal social media manager must possess, i.e. to give utmost importance to his audience which is composed of the general public.


Ravana had multiple layers of personality, and every social media managers must be a consortium of multiple layers. This variance in personality and openness is important to be successful in the internet world where cyber bullying, crime as well as amazing acts of humanity go hand-in-hand. Ravana in his true sense with his shades of both the evil ‘black’ and the sanctified ‘white’ cannot be typified as a single entity of either good or bad. And this is what a great social media marketing strategy is wherein an effective strategy cannot be bound by a single ideal or message.


Ravana was the master of sciences. He is known to be born as a highly knowledgeable man who is the grandson of Brahma. A good social media manager knows much about different subject matters that are related directly or indirectly to his domain and keeps abreast with the ‘sciences’ that govern the treacherous roads of internet marketing and social media.

In closing thoughts, the only trait of Ravana that a social media manager must stay far-far away from is an inflated, insatiable and all-consuming ego that had a nugatory effect on all his other great qualities. At a job where building relationship for business and managing a sense of community are a must, it is important to avoid being orthodox about ideas and let creativity flow.


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